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SAMSUNG Interactive Whiteboard software ver 4.0 (VIRTUAL)

R573.85 inc. Vat

HISENSE 86WR60AE 86” UHD LFD; IR Touch <20 Points; Android 5.1; 350 nits; 3840 x 2160; D-LED; Landscape; USB; HDMI(IN & OUT); O

R64,559.85 inc. Vat

HISENSE S02BDS58811E OPS(Windows 10)i5; 8400;8G;128G–OPTIONAL Apply to 2020 model HIDB; 65WR60AE; HN75WR80U;86WR60AE

R16,524.35 inc. Vat

Hisense 65 inch 4k Ultra High Definition and

R39,570.22 inc. Vat

HISENSE 65B4E31T 65” UHD; 500 Nits; 7x16hr; Anroid 8.0

R26,874.35 inc. Vat

HISENSE 55B4E31T 55” UHD; 500 Nits; 7x16hr; Anroid 8.0

R20,077.85 inc. Vat

HISENSE 43B4E31T 43” UHD; 500 Nits; 7x16hr; Anroid 8.0

R14,948.85 inc. Vat

Samsung Overlay Touch Glass for DM 75inch

R20,848.35 inc. Vat

HISENSE 65” HIDB Mobile Stand.

R3,322.35 inc. Vat

Samsung Signage Player – Cortex-A9 1GHz Quad Core CPU; Samsung Proprietary OS (VDLinux SSP3

R895.85 inc. Vat

HISENSE HN75WR80U 75” Touch Interactive; UHD 3840 x 2160; 1.5GHz MaliG51 QC; 3GB RAM; 32GB ROM; Android 8.0; Anti Glare Touch G

R43,043.35 inc. Vat

Samsung 1 Year Extension Warranty for 75” LFD from 3-4 years

R1,758.35 inc. Vat